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Metro Vancouver has implemented a new bylaw banning all food scraps from the garbage stream. This means that every residence and every business in the Metro Vancouver area is now required to have an organic recycling program. EcoAction a Vancouver based office recycleing business can help your office with this.

Metro Vancouver Greenest City Bylaw

What is banned
Organic materials are not allowed in regular garbage. This includes food scraps (such as raw food, plate scrapings, leftovers, packaged food, meat etc), food-soiled paper (such as greasy pizza boxes and napkins) and yard waste (already banned).

Who’s involved
The ban applies to everyone across the Metro Vancouver region.

  • Commercial buildings (examples include grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, retail stores and shopping malls)
  • Institutional and industrial buildings (examples include health care facilities and schools)
  • Single family and multi-family residential buildings and mixed-use buildings (examples include apartments and offices)

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