Kirkland Laundry Detergent Pods 152pk

Kirkland Laundry Detergent Pods 152pk


  • 152-count, 3.3 kg (7.3 lbs)
  • Refreshing scent
  • Effective in hot or cold water
  • Compatible with High Efficiency (HE) and standard washers
  • Phosphate free
  • Biodegradable surfactants
  • Safe for septic systems

*Business Only

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    How to use Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean Pacs:

    • Dry hands before handling
    • Do not unwrap or cut open pacs
    • Add pac(s) into washing machine while filling, and then add laundry
    • For HE machines, add directly to the washing machine drum, then add laundry on top. Do not put the pacs in the drawer
    • Use 1 pac for most loads. Use 2 pacs for heavily soiled loads
    • Keep container sealed between uses