JJ Bean Railtown Dark 1lb

JJ Bean Railtown Dark 1lb


JJ Bean Whole Bean Organic Coffee Dark Roast – Railtown – 454 Grams (1 lb)

*Business Only

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    Railtown is the culmination of our charred lineage of West Coast wonders like Doppio Torrefatto and the legendary Caffe Inferno. This dark roast blend is chiefly a Latin American coffee that can withstand the heat. When nothing but bold and dark will do, drip Railtown. (Organic, certified by FVOPA)

    Fruitfull Offices is proud to partner with locally owned roasters JJ Bean! JJ Bean sources the highest quality green coffee and roasts it in small batches daily, guided by one principle: the best taste wins.

    Once coffee is roasted, no amount of vacuum packing or voodoo can stop the coffee from de-gassing and beginning to stale within 10-14 days. That’s why our JJ Bean coffees are roasted to order, and the roast-date is printed on every bag.