Excel Freshmints 12pk

Excel Freshmints 12pk


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    Don’t let the battle with bad breath consume your life. Excel Freshmint Mints have a big refreshing burst of mint freshening Freshmint flavour packed in this mini hard mint. Available is a mini convenient package that fits perfectly in your pocket. Stock up with a few tins so you can pop a rush of freshness whenever the moment strikes you. The next time you need a quick, fresh boost, grab the mint that’s fresh and delightfully tasty. Give a piece to friends, family, or someone new. It might seem like something little, but sometimes the little things last the longest. Excel Mints: celebrating life’s meaningful connections, one mint at a time.
    – 12 reclosable package contains 12.2g of hard mints
    – Enjoy the long lasting taste of Excel Mini Mints in a convenient package, a perfect fit for your pocket, car cup holder or purse! Keep this 4 pack in your pantry so you always have Freshmints ready to go!
    – Excel Mini Mints will help ensure you always have fresh breath, even after your morning coffee!