Covid-19 Policy

To date, Fruitfull Offices has done the following:

  • Activated our pandemic planning protocols, which define procedures to protect the health and safety of our associates, while ensuring business continuity and our ability to service our customers.
  • Our pandemic plan includes recommendations for providing safe deliveries when necessary, including procedures to limit or eliminate contact between our drivers and customers’ employees.
  • Our associates, packers, pickers and management have been thoroughly briefed about the CDC and WHO recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19, such as by practising proper hand-washing hygiene.
  • We have begun conducting health screenings for our customer-facing associates as well as all visitors to our sites.
  • We have implemented a “return to work” protocol that applies to any associate who may have potentially been exposed to the virus. Fruitfull Offices’s director of occupational health works closely with our operating companies to provide oversight on these “return to work” decisions.
  • We are proactively communicating our policy that requires delivery associates not to report to work if they are showing signs of flu-like illness, and to seek medical attention as necessary. We have asked all associates to continue with our our commitment to good health practises such as washing hands regularly and wearing a face mask, and we have made these options available to our contractors.
  • Through April 30, we have cancelled or postponed our attendance at large group meetings of more than 10 people, as well as any food shows Fruitfull Offices may partake in.