We are Canada’s healthiest office supply store. We sell everything your office needs from office supplies, technology, furniture, cleaning products and of course fresh fruit. We believe in creating healthy and productive work places.

 Productivity starts with vendor consolidation.

Vendor consolidation, also known as supplier consolidation, is a handy supply management strategy that has been a popular choice of leading enterprises all over the world. This business practice features the process of minimizing the number of vendors you transact with, and instead form a small group of dependable suppliers or even a single associate, like us!

Right now, you might be ordering your printer paper from one supplier while securing ink cartridges and envelopes from another. You might purchase breakroom supplies from a wholesale company that specializes in coffee, paper cups, and the like. On top of that, cleaning supplies might be sourced from one company while office groceries are purchased from another. Using many vendors is a waste of your staff’s time. Often the admin staff who order all these supplies spend hours each week trawling through websites trying to save the company a few dollars. The admin staff fail to see the soft costs associated with their time, purchase approval and invoice/GST reconciliation for your accounts department.

We offer one website, one monthly invoice and free next-day delivery. One source wonderful.

We are here to foster a long-lasting partnership with your office. If you are looking to optimize your budget and your staff’s time, the best method you can use is vendor consolidation. Once you make this positive change, you will be able to place orders quickly, in higher volumes, cut down on shipping fees, communicate quickly and effectively with us, and save time in both accounting and administration.

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