We are Canada’s healthiest office supply store. We sell everything your office needs from office supplies, technology, furniture, cleaning products and of course fresh fruit. We believe in creating healthy and productive work places.

Productivity starts with vendor consolidation.

Vendor consolidation, also known as supplier consolidation, is a handy supply management strategy that has been a popular choice of leading enterprises all over the world. This business practice features the process of minimizing the number of vendors you transact with, and instead form a small group of dependable suppliers or even a single associate, like us!

For instance, you might order your printer paper from one supplier while securing ink cartridges and toner from another. You might purchase breakroom supplies from a wholesale company that specializes in coffee, paper cups, and the like. On top of that, cleaning supplies are sourced from one company while office groceries are purchased from another. This is a waste of your staff’s time. Often the admin staff who order all these supplies spend hours each week trawling through websites trying to save the company a few dollars. The admin staff fail to see the soft costs associated with their time, purchase approval and invoice/GST reconciliation in your accounts department.

We offer one website, one monthly invoice and free next-day delivery. One source wonderful.

We are here to foster a long-lasting partnership with your office. If you are looking to optimize your budget and your staff’s time, the best method you can use is vendor consolidation. Once you make this positive change, you will be able to place orders quickly, in higher volumes, cut down on shipping fees, communicate quickly and effectively with us, and save time in both accounting and administration.

Why can’t I add a product to my cart?

You need a business account to order groceries and large furniture items from us. If you are in the Vancouver area and run a business, just email us and we can flick a switch in 2 minutes so you can order fresh products and groceries from us.  Fresh products and groceries are restricted to the local Vancouver area and to approved businesses only. We do deliver office supplies Canada-wide at great prices, no account needed.

What is your return policy?

Business Accounts (Vancouver area).

We do not accept returns of fruit, fresh food, beverages, coffee, snacks, pharmaceuticals, or grocery items for health and safety reasons unless the item arrives damaged. We cannot accept damaged or opened/used office supplies. We do not accept returns of special order furniture items, printers or printer toners.

If your order arrives damaged  please let us know within 48 hours for a free return. If you order has a missing item please let us know within 24 hours of the delivery time so we can rectify the problem.

Products that develop a fault after the 48 hour grace period are not returnable and you will need to contact the manufacturer to initiate the manufacturers warranty.

Please remember for returns that you must have the original packaging – without it, unfortunately, we can’t issue a refund, we’ve got to resell that item to someone else.

If you feel you need some advice before your purchase, we have a team of highly-skilled, patient and knowledgeable customer service agents who can guide you through your purchases. We know it’s tough getting the products right, and we are always here & happy to help no matter how small a problem you think it is.

Nationwide Delivery.

If you have a home delivery account with us and your item was delivered by Purolator, please email us to start the returns process. We will issue you a return number which you must write on the box before you ship it back to either our Calgary, Vancouver or Toronto location. The return address will be on the original box that the item arrived in. Please note we do not pay for return shipping, but we will refund the full price of your purchase when the undamaged and unopened item is returned to one of our warehouses.

Where do you deliver?

Business Accounts -Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Brentwood, Richmond, New Westminster, Surrey, Delta, Langley, Coquitlam and UBC.

Home Office – Canada Nationwide

How much is delivery?

Delivery is free for business accounts in Vancouver if you buy a large fruit box from us or spend $65. We do charge a $9.95 delivery fee for all orders under $65.

Delivery fees cover the wages of the delivery driver driving to your building, parking their vehicle, and bringing the items in to your business. We also use the fee to cover the cost of insuring our vehicles putting gas into them, and vehicle maintenance.

Nationwide delivery fees are determined when you enter your postcode at checkout. We offer express 2-3 days delivery service, and a cheaper regular delivery which arrives in 8-10 business days. Delivery is tracked by Purolator or Canada post. Tracking numbers will be sent to you the next business day after your purchase.

How do I setup an account?

Really easily. Just choose an account here, or email us so we can approve your office credit. You can add or subtract items to your order by email/live chat for your convenience.

How do I pay my invoice?

Just login to your account and head on over to the ‘Orders & Invoices‘ section. From your dashboard you can print PDF copies of your invoices for payment by EFT or Cheque. Cheques are payable to ‘Fruitfull Offices’ the mailing address is top right of your invoice. EFT details are available on request. You can also pay by credit card, just hit the ‘Pay’ button next to the invoice and a payment gateway will appear.

Can I customize my fruit box?

The fruit boxes are a set product, if you would like to buy individual fruit from us please see the fruit section here.

Isn’t it cheaper to buy fruit from the local supermarket?

We are about the same price. However, we can almost certainly guarantee that it won’t be of the same quality as ours. Supermarkets end up storing their produce for ages in their storage facilities. We never store fruit. We buy direct from wholesale the day before your delivery so it is as fresh as can be. If you’re buying fruit already for the office and it’s of low quality, it’s because your supplier is picking it from their supermarket shelves after it has been sitting out in the stores for a while.

Our fruit goes through numerous quality control checks both in the buying and packing stages. With lesser quality fruit you’ll probably end up throwing some of it out. Add to this your own time in choosing the fruit, the delivery cost (or back pain!) of getting the fruit back to the office, and the time it takes to place the fruit in appropriate reciprocals (and then wash the reciprocals) in your office, and you will quickly see how using an all-inclusive service like ours is the most cost-effective long-term solution for your office.

Your business should focus on what it does best, and leave less important things like fruit (at least to you) – to us!

We have an office canteen, why should I buy a fruit box?

From our experience and feedback from clients, fruit is not regularly eaten by staff unless it is within easy reach i.e. in the workplace area or floor kitchen. Most people who go down to the canteen are more likely to buy coffee and a muffin, or some bad office food, than a piece of fruit. The objective of a fruit initiative is to ensure that staff eat fruit regularly – otherwise the health benefits are lost.

How do you guarantee consistent premium fruit?

Our fruit buying team hand-select our fresh fruit from the fruit markets before the break of dawn every morning. We carefully select our fruit mix to ensure it is of premium quality, has great taste and is at the “breaking point of ripeness”.

At the Fruitfull Offices pack house, we prepare the fruit to make it convenient for the workplace e.g. we separate the bananas and grapes into individual portions. This prevents the hoarding of fruit by certain more eager employees! All the fruit is checked for quality issues before being included in the boxes. We understand that we transport a fresh product, and sometimes things do go wrong. All our fruit is covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you find a problem,  just let us know, and it’s gone from your bill.

What payment options are available?

We supply your business with credit and we appreciate your prompt payment each month. If you fail to pay us on time, we will withdraw our offer of credit. We invoice monthly via our website.

  • Should you wish to pay the account by credit card you will receive a PDF invoice at the time of purchase. You can save your card details in your account. We accept all major credit cards and Visa Debit cards subject to a 2.4% interchange fee. Interchange fees are fees that your card provider charges. We feel that should you wish to use your credit card, you should pay the costs associated with it and not us. I’m sure most small businesses would agree with us!
  • As a B2B retailer, we prefer EFT and cheques. All payment instructions are clearly labelled on our invoices. Delivery staff can pickup cheques from you at the time of your delivery. Should you require more than 14 days to pay your bill, please get in touch with us at [email protected] If you pay your account late each month and fail to meet our payment terms, we reserve the right to charge you a late fee of $25 and interest at the rate of 2% per month (24% per annum), on all outstanding balances. *You agree to these terms and conditions at the time of your order. We do not tolerate late payers – we have a business to run. Thank you for your understanding.

Am I locked into a contract or can I change or stop my order?

We do not want you to be tied into a service which does not suit you. For this reason, we have NO fixed contracts.

How come your office supplies and coffee are so cheap?

We are a grocery store. If you are using an office coffee company, they are going to be very expensive for coffee, because that’s all they sell. If you use an office supplies company, they are going to be expensive for office supplies because that’s all they sell. We are foremost a grocery store and we carry over 20,000 products including office coffee, office supplies, fruit, snacks and groceries. We take product requests, and we are certain we carry everything all our competitors carry. We make our margins lower for you and save your admin and accounting staff heaps of time.

How do I return an item?

For business accounts: Our drivers have an app that we have custom built so that everything runs smoothly. Your delivery driver will photograph any items you want to return at the time of your delivery. An email containing the images that the driver took will be sent to you (and our office) immediately. We will then remove the item from your bill. Please note we do not accept returns of fresh products or food for health & safety reasons. Please get in touch if you do not receive an emailed photo once the driver accepts the return.

For nationwide deliveries: We do not offer free returns. You will be responsible for shipping the products back to one of our three warehouses across Canada should you wish to return your purchase. Upon return of the unopened and undamaged item, we will refund the full purchase price to your credit card. Please contact us at [email protected] to initiate a return. You will need a return number from us before you can return the item.