Newco FC-S Coffee Brewer

Newco FC-S Coffee Brewer


Features: Auto Arm: Pre-checks water temperature before brewing to ensure optimum brew temperature. Ready Light: Provides visual notification to user as to when brewer is at optimum temperature. Gravity Fed Hot Water Faucet: Provides larger volume of hot water for allied products. Faucet can be used during a brew cycle without adversely affecting pot level. Smart Base Design: Thermal base designed to accommodate several different vessels which provides more flexibility when choosing a thermal dispenser. Smart base design easily centers each thermal vessel directly under the brew basket. Dump Valve Operation: Faster overall brew cycle. Dump valve operation provides more consistent brew volumes under erratic water pressure conditions. Coffee profile will remain more consistent once set. Ease of Service: Components are located in the top of the machine. Eliminates the need to pull machines from locations and disconnect water in order to make minor adjustments or repairs.

*Business Only

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    NEWCO designed the FC series of brewers to satisfy requests for a brewer with better overall brewing temperature and an accurate brew volume. This modular cabinet construction allows you to convert your brewer to accommodate the vessel of your choice, or new vessels in the future. The FC models incorporate some unique features such as: a dump valve system, a water level detection system that eliminates evaporation short pots, gravity fed hot water faucet, and a tank on/off switch. The dump valve system allows hot water to be drawn immediately from the hot water tank, instead of the traditional cold water pre-fill that initiates the brew-start. Giving you great tasting coffee with better overall brew temperatures and extremely accurate brew volumes.