WHOOSH! Screen & Device Cleaner 500ml

WHOOSH! Screen & Device Cleaner 500ml


A superior, powerful and non-toxic cleaner that’s safe for all your screens and for you.

  • Multiple award winning product is made in Canada and is the only Screen Cleaner that is guaranteed to be safe for ALL screens
  • WHOOSH! Won’t damage, etch or harm any of your screens or devices
  • Certified 100% Non-Toxic Alcohol and Ammonia Free

*Business Only

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    • Keeps your screens, devices and keyboards shining like new, safe to use & easy to keep clean
    • WHOOSH! proprietary formula removes dirt, smudges, make-up & skin oils
    • Leaves a nano-thin, anti-static, invisible coating that protects the screen against dust, dirt, smudges & fingerprints
    • Antistatic formula resists dust and makes future cleaning easier every time
    • Safe to use on photocopier glass, mice, keyboards, touchscreens, Apple and Android phones, HDTV’s Computer monitors , Laptops and tablets.