Getting an office job in Vancouver?

Three office workers gives us the low down on office life in the city.

Heading into an office after graduation, or coming from a different field can seem like a daunting prospect to some. Most millennials aren’t prepared for office life, so they find themselves confused and in desperate search of a road map. The reality is that a map isn’t provided, your employer isn’t responsible for your career and there’s no job security anymore. With the rise of globalization, automation and competition (65% of millennials have a bachelor’s degree), the rules for workplace success have changed significantly. If you don’t play by the rules, then it will be hard to get ahead in your career.

We spoke to three of our regular clients who gave us their honest opinions of what it’s actually like to work in an office in Vancouver.

Jennifer – Executive Assistant – SaaS Company

Starting out in a new office is hard work! When you first arrive, you should get to know your colleagues roles and their relationships to one another. Most offices have an office gossip, a teacher’s pet, and a silent but effective type. Before you get too close to anyone, try to figure out who’s playing what role, who has the boss’s ear, and who has sway in certain cohorts. The politics of your new office are worth taking the time to study.”

Has office work changed much over the years? While it is expected that you will know how to use Microsoft Office and Google Suite, it might be worth learning some new skills in your part time so you can move on in the company.  The average stay in an office for a millennial is only two years, which is considerably less than the baby boomers, who stay seven or more years before moving on. After two years, if there are no opportunities for you to move laterally or up the organizational chart, then it makes sense to educate yourself to progress.

Daisy – Marketing Manager – Architectural Firm

After I graduated, I came to this Vancouver architectural firm to do work experience. Initially, I would make coffee, order fruit and snacks for the team and answer emails. But I had studied marketing at school and wanted to use my skills in my role. During my placement I showed the management the skills I had learned in customer acquisition, and they offered me a job at the end of the month. It’s a great office to work in, and I am developing the role further as I learn on the job.”

Office work should be both fun and rewarding. Your office colleagues will quickly become your second family, and you will be there for each other during the ups and downs of your lives. From office birthdays and retirements to maternity leave, sick days and sun-filled vacations, you’ll probably discover more about each other, than the inner workings of your business.

Suzie – Admin Assistant – Global Mining Company

It’s the fairy tale dream that you grow up, leave school, start working in an office and, bam, you’re a fully mature grown up who’s left their childish ways behind. The truth, that anyone who works in an office is well aware, is that it’s essentially an over-sized playground, but with more computers and filing cabinets. My advice, particularly if you are an office newbie is that ‘casual’ just means not wearing a tie, if you’re in ripped jeans and converse, looking like you’re about to hit the skate park with the local 13 year olds. Cringe.”

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