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101 Wellness Ideas for Vancouver Offices

A list of 101 workplace wellness ideas designed for Vancouver offices, a must have for every HR department and admin assistant.

We think it’s really important to have a workplace wellness initiative in your office. We spend most of our working lives in our offices, and it can sometimes feel like we have created a toxic work environment for ourselves. Most forward thinking businesses have considered this and created programs to care for their employees. Does your office have a workplace wellness program? Normally administered through H.R. managers, workplace wellness initiatives make working in an office just that little bit better. If you work in a Vancouver office, we are here to rev up your workplace wellness ideas with our awesome list of 101 ideas for a better workplace.

We reached out to some of our clients for feedback and asked them for their best workplace wellness initiatives. We’ve also got some great advice from the leaders in corporate wellness programs and office health initiatives. You can even download our list and take it to your next staff meeting, so that you look like the office hero when you try out some of our ideas.

So without further ado. Here’s the list of 101 ideas for workplace wellness programs for Vancouver offices:

1. Ask your staff how they stay fit and healthy.

It may seem like a ‘no-brainer’, but did you know that Dave in Accounting coaches a Sunday hockey league and is looking for players? By creating a little questionnaire, you can find out who likes which sports, who wishes they had kept up running since they left school, and who is really in to healthy cooking. You can tailor your workplace ideas based on your employees sporting and wellness interests.

2. Elect an employee wellness officer.

Put everybody’s name in a hat and take turns for each nominated ‘Employee wellness officer’ to implement an wellness initiative for the month. Allocate them a small budget and a reward for their hard work.

3. Publish a biweekly ‘Wellness Newsletter’.

Include healthy recipes submissions, where to buy a healthy office lunch, like those served at Festal Paleo Cafe on Granville. Include a list of local fitness events like 5K runs, or hiking clubs, and make a big deal about employees who are cycling, running and walking to work.

4. Get a weekly delivery of office fruit.

Promoting healthy snacking is really the best way to improve health in the office. Filling you office with chips, cake, donuts, and sugary drinks will make you sick over your working life. Reduce the temptation to snack on ‘wheat-based, high-fructose syrup junk-food and instead opt for colourful, nutritious, anti-oxidant rich fruit. Shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll send you a free trial of our quality office fruit.

5. Create a wellness wall.

Encourage staff to bring health and fitness into their lives with a wall of wellness. Add healthy-eating recipes to a collage-style poster, include work-out tips, a list of local sports clubs, and have staff share their photos of their homemade meals/sporting achievements.

6. Inspirational quote of the day.

Ask each member of staff to take turns to find an inspirational quote to add to the ‘Wellness Wall’. Make the quotes relate to your business goals and aspirations.

7. Create a whiteboard of positivity.

Have a whiteboard where people can write nice/kind things about other members of staff, or where they can give thanks and express gratitude for the qualities of their colleagues and your business.

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8. Celebrate a random holiday.

Did you know October 1st is World Vegetarian day in Canada? Why not order Vegetarian food from Nuba at 207 W. Hastings Street.

99. Get a video made about your business.

Pushr Video is a local Vancouver business that makes the most beautiful videos for established businesses and start-ups alike. Feature your best staff in one of your videos.

100. Elect a sexual harassment coordinator.

Elect a senior female staff member to act as a ‘Sexual harassment coordinator, someone to listen to any sexual harassment allegations and there to inform staff on what is, and what is not acceptable language to use to members of the opposite sex. Did you know Google and Facebook have a rule where you can only ask a co-worker out on a date once?

101. Let employees customize their cubicles.

Let employees add to the usual mix of family photos and certificates, with posters, paper-weights, plants and books.

Does your office have a wellness initiative program? Let us know below some of the things that have worked and failed badly in your office.

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