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  • employee wellness ideas

    101 Wellness Ideas for Vancouver Offices

    101 Wellness Ideas for Vancouver Offices A list of 101 workplace wellness ideas designed for Vancouver offices, a must have for every HR department and admin assistant. We think it’s really important to have a workplace wellness initiative in your office. We spend most of our working lives in our offices, and it can sometimes […]

  • The Best Office Supplies (Vancouver)

    Wow! Cheapest Office Supplies in Vancouver Buying office supplies is tough! We’ve made our search bar super fast and our website super simple. You’ve got better things to do!   Your office supplies essential checklist Staples Scissors A good calculator A tape measure Desktop Organizers Free Coffee Machine Printer Paper Ink and Toner A comfy […]

  • Does your office recycle?

    Does your office recycle? Get EcoAction in your office. Metro Vancouver has implemented a new bylaw banning all food scraps from the garbage stream. This means that every residence and every business in the Metro Vancouver area is now required to have an organic recycling program. EcoAction a Vancouver based office recycleing business can help your office with this. Metro […]

  • Pedal Power for down town

    Eco-friendly office fruit delivery Cargo trike to shift fruit and snacks. We’ve started using electric cargo trikes to shift fruit and snacks to our down town customers. They trikes are already used by another company for takeout food delivery, so we just had to get in on the eco-friendly transport option. Have you seen our […]

  • postscroll

    Our new favourite website

    The best website to promote fruit Scroll for your health. Probably the best website we have ever seen regarding fruit. The page features an all in one scrolling action to walk you through various fruits, and why you should eat them. See the website here the design is awe inspiring.