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  • 20 Employee Retention Strategies

    How to Retain Employees: 20 Practical Takeaways from 8 Case Studies It’s something that keeps good leaders up at night: Are my employees happy? Will my top performers stay? What more could I be doing to keep them? Learning how to retain employees is a top concern for today’s CEOs and HR pros … and for good […]

  • 17 Employee Shout Out Ideas

    17 Employee Shout Out Ideas for Vancouver Offices Your team works hard to help your business succeed. Many businesses are built in tiny pieces, with a large team contributing bit by bit. This can make it hard for your employees to see the individual impact they have and the good they do for your business. […]

  • 13 Ways To Improve Team Collaboration & Performance

    13 Effective Ways To Improve Team Collaboration And Performance For Increased Work Productivity. Creating high-performance teams starts with each individual, including the team leaders and management. Cross-functional collaboration is one of the most powerful tools in team productivity, and has proven to be most valuable in creating many different types of super-effective teams. When we […]

  • 15 Team Management Skills for (the best) Managers

    15 Essential Team Management Skills for (the best) Managers So you’ve been promoted to management. That’s… kind of a big deal. You’ve been doing great work. Leadership has recognized in you all the makings of an inspirational boss. In short, it’s definitely time to celebrate. (We’ll wait.) It’s also time to pick up some new skills. Pro-Tip […]

  • 17 (Anonymous) Employee Feedback Tools

    17 (Anonymous) Employee Feedback Tools For Surveying Teams Many companies require their employees to give and receive feedback regularly. However, feedback can be difficult to give, as it can be seen as criticism and employees never want to offend the company they serve. As a result, many employees shy away from giving honest feedback, opting […]

  • 21 New Employee Welcome Messages (Emails Included!) 

    21 New Employee Welcome Messages & Introductions (Emails Included) Flight crews welcome you aboard planes. Newsletters welcome you to their mailing lists. Food-truck proprietors welcome you under their awnings. Naturally, companies need to welcome their new team members, and they need to do it in ways that are at least ten times more thoughtful, more memorable, […]

  • A guide to keeping your business compliant

    A guide (with posters & templates) to keeping your business compliant with BC’s workplace laws.   As a Fruitfull Office, you need to ensure that you have all of the policies and posters required by employment law in BC (things like a Bullying, Harassment & Violence Policy, Health & Safety Policy, Disaster Plan, and a […]

  • 101 Wellness Ideas for Vancouver Offices

    101 Wellness Ideas for Vancouver Offices A list of 101 workplace wellness ideas designed for Vancouver offices, a must have for every HR department and admin assistant. We think it’s really important to have a workplace wellness initiative in your office. We spend most of our working lives in our offices, and it can sometimes […]

  • The Best Office Supplies (Vancouver)

    Wow! Cheapest Office Supplies in Vancouver Buying office supplies is tough! We’ve made our search bar super fast and our website super simple. You’ve got better things to do!   Your office supplies essential checklist Staples Scissors A good calculator A tape measure Desktop Organizers Free Coffee Machine Printer Paper Ink and Toner A comfy […]

  • Does your office recycle?

    Does your office recycle? Get EcoAction in your office. Metro Vancouver has implemented a new bylaw banning all food scraps from the garbage stream. This means that every residence and every business in the Metro Vancouver area is now required to have an organic recycling program. EcoAction a Vancouver based office recycleing business can help your office with this. Metro […]