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A view from an office looking over the North Shore of Vancouver.


Your office supplies essential checklist

  1. Staples
  2. Scissors
  3. A good calculator
  4. A tape measure
  5. Desktop Organizers
  6. Free Coffee Machine
  7. Printer Paper
  8. Ink and Toner
  9. A comfy chair
  10. Office snacks
  11. A desktop phone holder
  12. A label printer
  13. Envelopes
  14. Post it Notes
  15. Some pens and pencils
  16. A nice mouse pad


With beautiful views from the glass-fronted skyscrapers of Vancouver, many of the city’s offices are fantastic places to work. Vancouver is a hive of ‘mining conglomerates’, ‘international banks’ and ‘tech start-ups’ all keeping the city a-buzz with their employees working late into the beautiful Vancouver evenings.

Working in an office however, is sometimes very tedious. We’ve created a list of 16 cheap office supplies that we believe every Vancouver office should have to keep staff engaged, and committed to their role – and it’s not your typical products like inkjet paper, time cards, name tags and staples Vancouver.

We’ve listed some really awesome office supplies we think every Vancouver office needs to enhance productivity and attract the best talent. From local fitness classes, to naughty office snacks , check out our 16 essential office supplies for Vancouver offices.


  • Corporate Bike Share Membership

Mobi Bike Share is available to office employees in Vancouver as part of an employee wellness package.

Mobi is Vancouver’s bike share scheme operator with bikes-for-hire all over the down town core. The rental bikes are built for city riding with a step-through frame, dynamo lighting, and handlebar storage.

You can rent a Mobi as part of a corporate membership if you set up an account with them through your HR department. The bicycle share scheme offers two different types of memberships for corporate partners. After your organization is enrolled with Mobi, you can offer your employees discounts on their bike rentals, or a subsidized individual annual membership.

On-demand bike rental is a great perk for your office since it encourages your employees to take some exercise. Whether your employees bike in from their home, or use a Mobi to get around Vancouver at lunchtime, we think having an office bike share membership is a great perk for your team. When was the last time you rode around the sea wall on your lunch break?

  • Lumo Lift Posture Corrector

A great idea to improve your posture the Lift Lumo App encourages sitting up right at your desk. Is that an essential office supply?

We all know that good posture makes us look sexy and feel confident, but achieving good  posture requires discipline and constant exercise. The Lumo Lift is a small electronic device that vibrates to alert the wearer that they are slouching. The Lumo posture corrector is not something you can buy from a typical office supply stores, but this small, wearable electronic device offers a real solution to poor posture. Worn near the collarbone, the device gently vibrates every time the wearer slouches to remind them to sit tall, and stand straight. The Lift Lumo’s unique bio-mechanic motion sensors have the ability to track your posture and your activity levels throughout the day. Pairing the device with the Lumo Lift app claims to increase the minutes of correct posture that the wearer completes in a day, and sharing with your friends via social media technology, increases the users commitment  and so far the online reviews look good. Click here to check out Lumo Bodytech’s awesome facebook page where you can get more information and buy their device.

“27% of office workers would happily sell their passwords to outsiders.” 

  • USB Cup Warmer

Office Supplies come in all sorts of fun varieties. These cup warmers are great and can plug into your USB port

Do you find that you have to keep getting up to add hot water to your office coffee? If so, this USB-powered hot plate is perfect for keeping your hot beverage from going cold. You can purchase one for yourself, and one for your friend from Canada Computers & Electronics. Canada Computers & Electronics is a retailer of personal computers, and components, as well as consumer electronics. A Canadian company with over 25-years in business, they have provide customers with the best products at the best value and are still going strong.

Prices start at $7.99. Buy yours here


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  • Foot-rest with massage balls

Put this foot riser under your desk to improve circulation.

One of the ways to maintain a healthy posture and to help with D.V.T., is to constantly change the position of your legs. This foot rest with massage balls is available from, and is perfect for lifting your feet off the ground, rocking your feet back and forth while you work, and massaging the soles of your feet. The foot rest claims to relieve stress, and improve circulation while sitting at your desk, now that is a must-have supply for any office don’t you think? We love the selection of office furniture from Ugoburo, and then website is well worth a look if you have a need for wholesale office supplies Canada.

  • UV Voltaic Backpack to Charge Electronics

UV charging station in your backpack. Order this office supply from Fruitfull Offices

It’s cool to be green, and Vancouverites are especially eco-minded. This photo-voltaic backpack has a solar panel built in to the rear pouch to convert UV-rays in to electricity. For those commuters who walk to work, the backpack offers a chance for a quick top-up of your tablets, smartphones or vaporizers as you make your way to or from the office. Modern Outpost, a Canadian business, is both the manufacturer and distributor of the backpacks here in B.C., and we think the ‘off-grid’ bags make a perfect gift for hikers and office commuters alike. You can get one shipped to you from their website here.

  • An off-site place for conferences/meetings/private work

Co working space in downtown Vancouver

Do you ever find your open-plan office distracting or not accommodating to group projects? Do you need a space to work alone, entertain clients, or hold conferences? It’s often a change of scenery that leads to greater productivity. The Network Hub is a downtown Vancouver co-working office and creative space where individuals and groups can work, collaborate, network and socialize. You can sign-up your organization with The Network Hub, and get an unlimited pass for a few members of your team to collaborate ‘off-site’ in a professional office environment. The hub offers high speed internet, mail box service and access to a kitchenette.

  • The best donuts in Vancouver

Cartems donuts in Vancouver

Everyone needs a treat once in a while, and Cartems provides a really sweet treat. These awesome donuts are made fresh every day, and Cartems love setting up corporate accounts for recurring office deliveries. Have a look at their website for more information.

  • Envelope Embosser

Eco-friendly office supplies - this envelope embosser eliminates ink.

The Switch Embosser is not one of those typical products for your office, but it is an eco-friendly device that saves using ink to add a return address to an envelope. The Embosser can be used to add decorative flare to your company newsletters or outgoing mail, and is available from a Canadian office supplies company who started selling custom rubber stamps way back in 1945 from their London, Ontario location. Sterling sell loads of marking products for your business, and their website is well worth a look if you want to brand your office letters.

Priced from $49.95 Buy yours here


  • A box of quality office fruit

Healthy Office supplies. We sell fresh fruit to Vancouver's office spaces.

Office Supplies keep your office working in Vancouver

Becoming healthy is about making small changes to your diet. If your office is constantly full of cakes, chips and candy, it is very difficult to make a change to healthy eating. We recommend banning low-quality snacks from your desk or office kitchen, and replacing them with healthy fruit and veggies. Having processed, starch-rich, wheat-based, fructose syrup treats at hand will make you sick over your working life – ban them from your workplace and instead choose antioxidant rich, vitamin-packed, colourful fruit and vegetables. It’s the longevity choice!

The Fruitfull Team

We supply delicious fresh fruit and freshly cut vegetables to some of the best offices in Vancouver. We have seven varieties of fruit in each of our boxes, and we deliver our fruit fresh before 12pm on Mondays or Wednesdays.

Our fruit boxes always contain berries, grapes/cherries, bananas, apples, pears, oranges and either dried fruits in the winter (figs/dates/mango/prunes/apricots/raisins), and stone-fruits in the summer (apricots/plums/nectarines/peaches).

There is nothing to pay on new accounts until the end of the first month, and right now we are giving away a $50 pre-paid visa card to new sign-ups.

Get $50 now and become a Fruitfull Office.


Office Supplies Vancouver

  • S.A.D Light-box for happy people

 A light box for your desk help with seasonal affective disorder.

Seasonal Affective Disorder is as real as man-flu, and just as serious. Winter can seem like a time for hibernation, but office workers are forced to wake up, drag themselves into the workplace, and act like happy people at all times of the day. If you’re feeling like there is no meaning to this daily challenge, you may be suffering from S.A.D!

The good folk at Northern Light Technologies (a Canadian business no less), have just the thing for sufferers of Winter depression, and sell a perfect desktop light box which emits light clinically recommended for the treatment of S.A.D. Judging by how depressed most office workers look at lunch time, we estimate the market size to be very big! These beautiful desk-side lamps are for sale in Canada from Northern Light Technologies website here.

  • A corporate pass to the YWCA fitness centre

The YMCA swimming pool in Vancouver offers corporate deals for offices.

The YWCA Health + Fitness Centre is a 30,000-square foot down town Vancouver facility that provides innovative personal and group fitness programming and a UV-filtered pool. Corporate membership is available for Vancouver offices and there is an extensive selection of classes available for your team to choose from. The health and fitness centre at 535 Hornby opens early, and closes late. You can get a work-out, before, during and after work. As part of the YWCA’s extensive fitness facilities, they also offer ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions hosted in your office covering subjects like:

  1. Stress Management 
  2. Fitting Fitness into your Life
  3. Best Strength and Stretches for the Office Worker
  4. Healthy Workplace Habits
  5. Working Out on the Go
  6. Check the State You’re In

Check out their website to set up a wellness session in your office. You can take your staff to their facility for a corporate team workout too, the YWCA in Vancouver offers Yoga, Training Bootcamps, and Team cycling classes; a perfect way to engage your employees and have some fun. Sign up you office today for their corporate wellness programs on their website here.

“The average desk is home to 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat.”

  • Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner

Miniature USB vacuum cleaner for your desk, a great office supply

Keep your keyboard and desk free of crumbs and dust with this handy USB vacuum cleaner. The miniature vacuum also makes a great gift for clean freaks and messy colleagues alike. This little beauty is available from as little as $13.49 from OddityMall purveyors of all things odd…and totally cool. Check out their website for more details and how to order yours and more office supplies Vancouver.

Do you have an office prankster in your workplace? Someone who steals your lunch from the office fridge or fires staples near you?


  • A treadmill desk

Adjustable standing desk with treadmill to keep you fit in your Vancouver office.

Are you exhausted by walking to the printer? Its a sign. Staying fit while working an office job is hard work. Hours spent sitting at an armoire desk and eating poor quality snacks eventually leads to weight gain, and chronic heart disease. Why not bring the gym to your office with this innovative and quite frankly brilliant innovation in office equipment from Life Span Fitness.

LifeSpan (another fantastic Canadian company), is dedicated to benefiting the way people work, exercise, and live in a sustainable, healthy way. Their quality products and innovative vision have inspired fitness and wellness as a way of life since they introduced the brand in 2001. By specializing in solutions created uniquely for the home, gym, and workplace, LifeSpan is helping to empower individuals to find better health regardless of the setting. If you would like to buy a treadmill desk for your home or office, see the LifeSpan Fitness website here for all their latest products.

  • A Newton’s cradle for the desk

Newton's cradle is perfect for the CEO's desk

The Newton’s cradle is the ultimate executive toy for your desk. It demonstrates you deep understanding of physics, and the conservation of energy as described by Newton’s laws of thermodynamics. Lift one steel ball and allow to fall back at one end, the ball at the opposite end will swing out the same distance. Using Newton’s third law has never been this much fun! What happens when you swing two? Or three? Newton’s Cradle was invented in 1967 by English actor Simon Prebble and named in honor of scientist and mathematician Isaac Newton because it employs Newton’s Laws.

  • A fast, reliable courier service

Bike messenger's gather in the centre of Vancouver waiting for the next delivery.

Lets face it, sometimes you have to get something moved across the city pretty fast. Papers need signing, blueprints need approving, gifts need sending, and documents need to be in the right hands. A good, fast, reliable courier service is a must in down town Vancouver, we think First Canadian Messenger is one of the best.

First Canadian Messenger has been providing local same day and overnight courier service throughout the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley for 25 years. With over 35 owner-operated and well maintained vehicles and a state of the art dispatching system, they can handle all your courier needs. Backed by Diamond Delivery, one of the largest local transportation companies in the province, FCM offers a world-class courier service with competitive pricing, expedient and friendly service to their customers, uniformed drivers, and an incomparable front-end customer service staff.

  • A Herman Miller Chair

Office furniture herman miller chairs for Vancouver Offices. Office supplies one monthly invoice.

Office Chairs for Vancouver Offices

Herman Miller have learned a great deal about how best to support people in the varied postures they adopt throughout the workday. With their chairs, they incorporated two decades worth of technological and ergonomic enhancements to improve the health-positive design, and widen the range of cross-performance capabilities. With updates that include a more refined tilt mechanism, adjustable PostureFit SL, and 8Z Pellicle suspension, Herman Miller chairs perform smarter than ever before—so you can too. Check out our range of office chairs for your budget here with next day delivery in Vancouver.

  • Some awesome post-it notes

Fun adhesive sticky notes are a must have office supply.

Everybody loves to find a hand-written note from a colleague, especially around the office fridge ‘Hands-Off my lunch – I know who you are!’ Why not give your sticky notes some extra style with these awesome floppy-disc themed coloured notes. The retro notes are sure to stick out, and ward off would be luncheon thieves. You can order yours from here.

So there is our awesome office supplies list that every Vancouver office cannot do without. If you can think of any thing we’ve missed off the list, or you’d like to know how you can get a $50 prepaid visa card when you become a Fruitfull Office, leave us a comment below. Stay fruitful out there and please share this post – it’s what keeps small Canadian businesses alive.

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